Premier Dog and Cat boarding since 1989.

The Shaggy Dog boarding facility was founded in 1989 using a set of stringent guidelines that deal with issues such as sanitation, feeding and care of the animals being boarded, as well as customer relations.

Shelly Richardson has operated The Shaggy Dog boarding kennel since October of 2000. She and her husband have lived with English Springer Spaniels for over 35 years. They live on the property, just steps away from the kennel. Shelly’s love of all animals has inspired her to create a friendly and inviting home away from home for your pet.

Since early 2001, the facility has undergone numerous upgrades. Inside the kennel, chain link was replaced by tempered glass and the cement floors were tiled. The addition of exercise enclosures and a daycare room have provided pet owners with more service options, while professional heating/cooling and electrical backup systems ensure that pets will be comfortable on the hottest summer days and the coldest winter nights, even during a power outage. Recently completed projects include the addition of solar panels to provide electrical power for the facility. Power not consumed is donated at the end of the year through the power company to help those in need.

At The Shaggy Dog, our passion for pets and our commitment to our customers has made us who we are today. Our goal is to insure that every pet that stays with us has such a positive experience that they can’t wait to come see us again. Please feel free to drop in for a tour or more information.